As Summer approaches it’s the perfect season to take a much needed vacation, to spend time with friends and family, and to rejuvenate. In the owner’s manual for our lives God informs us that we were meant to follow a rhythm of work and rest. Read more

What role should the church play in your life? Does God care whether or not you show up? Do you go to church out of a sense of obligation, does your entire life revolve around the church or do you go to church at all? Read more

Time. Time is one of the most precious gifts that God gives. You can make more money and you can make more friends, but you can’t make more time. Time is finite and how we spend it matters. Some of our biggest regrets grow out of missed opportunities and seasons of life that were wasted. The average person lives about 28,000 days. Read more

Family is a gift. But navigating the challenges of family life is not always easy. Sometimes things get buried. Pain gets buried. Dreams get buried. Destructive behaviors get buried. The hope is that if we ignore the issues they will go away. That rarely happens. Instead, issues build to the point that people either give up or walk away. Often those same issues are then passed on to the next generation.
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As we begin this series in Isaiah, it’s important to understand Isaiah as a man–who was he? What did it mean to be a prophet? The nation of Israel was in turmoil; they had lost almost everything and would lose more before this season of exile ended. Why? Read more

The resurrection of Jesus is not an isolated story. It is the culminating event of a narrative that runs from Genesis to Revelation. The resurrection means the death of Jesus Christ was not the end of the story, but the opportunity for a new beginning. The resurrection means that, in Christ, there is always hope. Read more

Most of us have only read or studied the Bible in small chunks. We read stories and hear theological concepts that make sense but are in isolation from each other. We read the “stories” of the Bible, but often we miss the “story” of the Bible. This one singular story that runs from Genesis to Revelation. A story told through many different genres and many different voices. Read more

There are over 2000 verses in the Bible that talk about “bling bling!” That is right. Jesus said more about money then He said about Heaven or Hell. Amazing.

And guess what? He didn’t just say give all your money away. That would be silly. Instead, in the Bible God gives us a very understandable, well-rounded approach to handling money. And there has never been a better time to begin handling our money God’s way then right now.
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No one’s journey of faith is a solo experience. Each of us have people who impact the way that we look at God, at faith, at the church. Some have a positive influence. Some a negative one. Some of us surround ourselves with a rich matrix of relationships that provide guidance, counsel, and positive role models. Others miss out on the relationship resources that surround them. Some ignore them intentionally. Read more

Most of the decisions that mess up our life are not about issues of absolute right and wrong. They are decisions that lack wisdom. We tend to ask, “Is there anything wrong with this? But the fatal flaw in decision-making is to assume that just because something isn’t wrong, that it’s right. Good decision-making isn’t based on what’s permissible, but on what’s wise. Read more

The destination we reach in life is the sum total of the choices and decisions we make. We shouldn’t be surprised by where we end up. What’s your destination? Where are the choices you are making leading you? Join us for this series as we look at our road map for life. Read more

The Table. It’s the place we gather to nourish our bodies. It’s also the place we gather to nourish our souls. The table is the place where community happens. Healthy families gather around the table. Friends gather around the table. They gather to laugh, tells stories, reflect on life and generally connect with each other.

Join us for a new series this weekend called Love Revolution. 2,000 years ago, a long-awaited Messiah entered into this world. The people of God had waited millennia for his arrival and for the revolution he would bring. Surely this Savior would overthrow the evil Roman government and establish a new kind of kingdom… Read more

Every year, sometime around Thanksgiving, Christmas music starts and doesn’t end until after new years. Some songs are silly, while others have meaning and purpose. This year we’re going to look at Christmas songs in a different light… what does the Bible say about what our attitude should be during this holiday time. Join us as we look at three popular songs and find the true meaning of Christmas.
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A new year means another chance to examine our lives and look for growth opportunities, but sometimes growing in our faith can be overwhelming. Pursing holiness in our personal lives can be an overwhelming task if you don’t know where to start. Join us in January for a five-week journey of working towards holiness, one bite at a time…

Much of the focus during the Christmas season is about the giving of gifts. We put together lists. We spend way too much time in the mall. We spend way too much money. All in an effort to give the people we love a gift they will love. But what about the receiving of gifts?

Finding the right gifts to give at Christmas can be a challenging task. It takes time, energy, and sometimes a great deal of money. But “gift receiving” is actually harder than “gift giving.” When we give a gift, we are in control of the transaction. We determine the price we will pay and to whom it will be given. We set the parameters and establish the boundaries. Gift receiving is different. We are no longer in control. Sometimes even anticipated gifts come in unexpected ways.

We need a new way of thinking about families. We live in a new era. Families face new challenges. Technology. A rapidly changing sexual ethic. Parenting is different. How do we establish healthy families if many parents didn’t have positive role models themselves? What’s the secret to healthy, flourishing families.

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Discover how you can use your passions, gifts, and abilities to embrace your true identity, join forces and make the world a better place. Find the superhero inside of you in this three-week series designed to give each of us a new perspective on service.
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As the holidays approach, Christmas can cause a lot of tension in families. Financial tension. Vacation tension. In-law tension. And, that’s before we even look at who we’re celebrating. The Apostle Paul said Jesus was a stumbling block to some and foolishness to most. Maybe Jesus poses some problems for you or your friends as well. In this series we will look at who the gospels say Jesus was and the Beautiful Tension it creates.
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So what would a God who comes near, who intervenes, who dies, look like? Jesus. On that first Christmas every aspect of God’s nature – his divinity and his humanity, his sovereignty and his vulnerability, his holiness and his intimate nearness – all collided in a filthy stable located in a remote part of a defeated and occupied country. And now his story has collided with your story.

Following God can be risky. In fact, safety is not guaranteed. This is a three week series on the book of Ruth that examines the life of Ruth and Naomi. It looks a bitterness and how God is at work, even in the midst of our pain, to provide us a future filled with hope. Our relationship with a God who is always faithful, enables us to reflect the same kind of faithfulness in our relationship with others. And this series looks at Boaz and the comparison to Jesus as Redeemer, who is willing to pay the price so that we might be redeemed.
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Are you restless in your spirit, with a nagging sense that there must be something more? More to work and family and church? During this series, we will look at the amazing story of Abraham, a very ordinary man who became extraordinary for one pivotal reason: he pursued God in a life of obedient faith, not knowing where that decision would take him. He went All In. Will you?
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What do we do when the storms of life overwhelm us? When we haven’t seen the sun, moon or stars for days? Should we give up hope? Where is God in our impossible situations? Join us as we take a closer look at our own dangerous journeys.

The Kingdom of God is a Party. And all of us are invited. The host has set us free to tell anyone we are willing to tell. No limit. No restrictions. A party where, no matter how many show up, there’s always room for more. So come to the party!

Some of us work out of necessity. Some of us work out of passion. Some of us consider work to be a “four letter” word to be avoided at all costs. But what does God say about it. This series will examine work through the lens of Scripture to help give us God’s perspective.
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For the ones who have fallen on hard times. For the tattered and the torn. Those who have been forgotten. For the ones that have run out of second chances, burnt every bridge, and hit rock bottom… You are never too dirty, never too deep, never too far, to find hope, find relief, find redemption.
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