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In Luke 1:26-38, the angel Gabriel tells Mary she is going to give virgin birth to a King. Mary’s initial response is healthy doubt. Healthy doubt is open to what God can do. Her final response is thoughtful surrender. She lets go of her expectations and control, and instead functions with an expectancy of how God is going to use her life. Expectations are a setup for disappointment. May you set aside your expectations and live with a renewed sense of expectancy of how God will use your life.

Global Series Elements

We’re Expecting - Note Slide

These graphics are used as presentation background slides and includes a CD design.

Resolution1024 × 576 pixel
File TypeJPG
Size1 MB

We’re Expecting - Title Slide

This is the title slide that can be used in a presentation.

Resolution1024 × 576 Pixel
File TypeJPG
Size1 MB

We’re Expecting - Promo Graphic

This layered .PSD graphics and could be used many ways to promote the series.

Resolution1024 × 576 Pixel
File TypePSD
Size36 MB

We’re Expecting - Video Bumper

Resolution1280 x 720
File TypeMP4
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Video CodecAVC/H.264

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