General Questions

Q: I am unable to login because I receive an error message saying Cookies are disabled on my browser. What do I do?
A: If you’ve made sure that Cookies are enabled in your browser, then try going to this Login page and see if you are able to login there.

Q: The Zip file I downloaded is asking for a password or not uncompressing correctly, what do I do?
A: There is a known issue with Windows XP’s built-in compression tool that sometimes prompts for a password when one is not required or fails to uncompress certain Zip files. None of our zip files require a password. If you experience this problem, download a free ZIP utility such as WinZip or another similar tool and try unzipping our zip files with that.

Q: Are transcripts or sermon notes available for the sermons?
A: Unfortunately, we do not have transcripts or sermon notes available for any of the sermons unless they are provided by the church. If you want to get a sense of the general direction of a sermon, we recommend listening to the sermon audio file (if provided).

Q: What is OpenResources.org?
A: OpenResources.org is a site where churches can access, download and use creative content for free. It includes much of the creative work that the churches connected with OpenResources.org have done over the past few years and will be updated with new content going forward.

Q: What type resources are available on this site?
A: The content includes, but is not limited to, message series artwork (including layered graphic files), themed videos to promote and brand a series, sermon audio, and countdowns.

Q: What does it cost?
A: Absolutely nothing. We do require that you agree to a license agreement and that you use the content in a non-commercial manner in an effort to “lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.” We do not want attribution (our name or brand to be on it). If we want anything it is to hear about how it impacted people in your church or community. Please come back to the site and let us know.

Q: Why is OpenResources.org making this available for free?
A: We are passionate about changed lives and if there is even a chance that some of this creative content is useful to other churches in a effort to reach people for Christ….we are extremely excited about the opportunity to make it all available.

Q: So I don’t have to mention that I got this from OpenResources.org?
A: That’s right. You can use the content in your church and we actually prefer that you do not give us credit. Basically, you can pretend it’s your own.

Q: Can you send me the content on a DVD or CD or something else that I can hold in my hand?
A: No. We are only providing this content through this website for you to download. It is free, and we are not able to mail or send it to you in another format (even if you were willing to pay us). Sorry if this is an inconvenience.

Q: Is there any “fine print” in the license agreement?
A: Not that we are aware of, but please do read the license.

Q: What if I do not like any of the content you have available?
A: That’s OK. We hope some of it is useful to others, but don’t expect the content to be something that everyone will like. You can also come back in the future, maybe there will be something new that will work.

Q: Are there any copyright issues with the audio libraries that you use in your creative content?
A: Unless there is something that we overlooked, we have chosen audio for non-commercial use in our resources. This is not only for distribution of the resources that include them, but also for the rebroadcast of those items as long as they are not used for commercial purposes as we require in our license. In some cases where a licensed audio file is preferred, we make recommendation for you to secure the license to use the audio file and add it in yourself.

Q: Can I edit the video teaching messages that I download?
A: No. The video teaching downloads cannot be edited and must be used in their entirety. You can modify the videos to playback on different formats, but you cannot otherwise edit the teaching videos. This restriction helps us ensure that parts of the message are not taken out of their original context or intent. Thank you for understanding.

Account Questions

Q: I just created a new account, how long does it take for the confirmation email to arrive?
A: Less than five minutes. If you still haven’t received your confirmation email, please check the junk/spam filter on your email server and email client. Most of the time new users can’t find the confirmation email, it’s in there. If you still have problems registering for a new account or can’t find the confirmation email, please use the contact form and we’ll be glad to help you.

Q: How do I change my password? I’m having a hard-time remembering the one you gave me.
A: Login to your account or if you’re already logged in, click on Site Admin in the right column. Then click on your username in the top right corner. This will take you to your account page where you can change your password.

Q: I changed my email address, how do I update my account?
A: Login to your account or if you’re already logged in, click on Site Admin in the right column. Then click on your username in the top right corner. This will take you to your account page where you can change your emil address and other contact information.

Technical Questions

Q: What file formats are the resources available in?
A: It depends on the resource. Graphic files are usually available in a JPG file at a print resolution. Many of these files can be blown up to a larger size if needed. Some of the graphic files are available as a layered Photoshop (.PSD) or an Illustrator (.AI) or a PostScript (.EPS) file. All of our video files are currently available as a Quicktime (.MOV) file using the H264 codec or for international uses a DV-PAL format. Our message outlines are all available in Microsoft Word (.DOC) format.

Q: How can I play back the videos at my church?
A: Most presentation software (Mediashout, SongShow, ProPresenter, Powerpoint, etc.) should playback the Quicktime (.MOV) you download without any trouble. If you need to change the format of the file to something else (MPEG2, MPEG4, etc) you can do so in a video editor that supports Quicktime like Apple’s Final Cut Pro or you can purchase Quicktime Pro for around $30.

Q: Why do the Quicktime files look jagged and low resolution when played in Quicktime?
A: There is a “High Quality” setting in Quicktime that must be enabled. Apple has documented this on their support site.

Q: Why am I having so much trouble playing these videos in Media Shout?
A: Media Shout does not support videos in versions newer than Quick Time Pro 2. As a result, some of our videos will not play in Media Shout. You will most likely have to convert these videos using Quick Time Pro, or Apple’s Final Cut Pro. Media Shout has addressed this issue and does recommend a ‘quick fix’ on their technical support page.

Q: Can you make the resources available in other formats (i.e., mpeg2, mpeg4, avi)?
A: Not right now. We have tried to make the content available in formats that would allow you the ability to convert it into other formats later. If there is a particular format that would be more useful for a broad group of people, we will consider making it available. Just let us know. Please note this is only referring to formats that can be downloaded. We cannot make the content available on different types of media.

Q: Can I get an entire series of content in one big file?
A: No. The files are just too big and we want to make sure that users can download what they want and only what they want.

Q: How long will it take to download a video file on a 56k modem?
A: A long time! Plan ahead, Sunday morning is too late. We have tried to make the files as small as possible, but they are still large to allow you the most flexibility.

Q: All of these files are (.ZIP) files. How do I open those?
A: In Windows XP or later, you should be able to open them by simply clicking on them. The same should be true by default in Mac OSX. In older operating systems, you might need to download a program like WinZip.

These FAQ are very similar to those found on LifeChurch.tv Open website.