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Jonah was a simple man with a simple message, but the world didn’t listen to him. So Jonah became angry, discouraged and lost his patience…something we can all understand.

Yet the story of Jonah shows us that sometimes it takes a miraculous act, like being swallowed into the belly of a fish, for God to get our attention. We all have a mission to live out no matter what the world throws our way. Are you ready to pursue something greater than yourself?

The story of Jonah is really all of our stories. Each of us can look back at some point in our lives where we have attempted to run from God. And what many of us runners have discovered is while we can run from God, we can’t outrun God! In this series we will rediscover the epic grace of God for each of our lives.

Jonah – Creative Package

This creative package includes:

  • Series Artwork
  • Sermon Audio
Graphics provided by:Christ Church of the Valley
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